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Dec. 13th, 2010

to the four winds


(no subject)

According to ANN, the first volume of the Deltora Quest manga (where I believe most/all the character designs for anime originated from) is due out in July 2011.
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Dec. 1st, 2010

to the four winds


Deltora dub mini-review!

I haven't had any opportunity to watch the anime dub since the first ep until today (I am very far behind, obviously) but, generic soundtrack aside, I'm actually okay with the English voice-acting and the script. Except the villains maybe: I'd expected a voice that was digitally altered to be very low and very eeeeevil for the Shadowlord.

The thing that struck me the most is that whoever wrote the scripts actually bothered to read up on the books. They changed "Joker"'s name back to Doom, for one; you also get some idea when you look at the episode titles (e.g. the episode I watched was titled "The Fight in Vetaksa Village" in Japanese, but it's called "Battle at Withick Mire" in the dub since that's what it's called in the books.) Colour me somewhat impressed! :)
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Nov. 26th, 2010



Quest for Deltora! - subs


I had been watching the subs of Deltora Quest when it first came out a few years back and recently I came upon it on tv dubbed. So I was watching it there but it has started over to the beggining so I figured the rest wasn't dubbed yet and I could find it online. But I can't seem to find anything beyond 27 subbed. I went to animecrazy but they had it without subtitles

Though I'd still watch the dubs on TV it's always entertaining to see what they do with it does anyone know anywhere it's subbed?

If anyone knows it would be really appreciated <3~ thanks!
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Jun. 21st, 2010

Lief - they could kiss my ring..., Lief - *preens*, Lief - damn straight


Music? (Comm-locked due to download links.)

I started one of these posts at wildarms a while back and got some interesting responses... and despite CN Australia's streaming the anime (and ye gods! they take things down so fast!), this comm's still very, very quiet.

So, folks, tell me... what music reminds you of Deltora Quest? Doesn't have to be associated with specific characters or moments, could just be the series as a whole or a particular setting. Anything's cool.

Link lyrics, Youtube vids, downloads, whatever. I want to know if I'm the only one here who listens to loud European folk-rock!

And speaking of that...Collapse )

It's late, here, and I'm getting tired, so for now just those three are going up. But, ah, if anyone wants more LOUD MUSIC WITH PIPES AND BASS AND SHOUTING, I've got plenty.

May. 30th, 2010

to the four winds


(no subject)

I haven't been keeping track of the episodes that have been airing in Australia at all, but it appears that broadcasts are up to 12 episodes now. Cartoon Network seems to require logging in now to view the videos, which is strange because they worked fine for me without having to do that when it first started. \o_O/ Glancing at some of the titles though, I'm actually a bit impressed that they decided to keep them about the same as the original Japanese (probably because they're so straightforward and Deltora Quest isn't really one for making puns out of).

Also I only just noticed that they have summaries up to episode 52. This is interesting, considering in the anime's original run, there followed 10 extra filler episodes. Could it be the dubbers decided to cut them out? We'll see in about a year or two, I suppose. |D;

By the way, if you're still interested in watching DQ in Japanese with subs, AnimeCrazy.net appears to have them available for streaming online up to episode 26.

Edit: I almost forgot: the anime is set to air in the U.S. in the future as well.

Edit II: And there is a Deltora Quest wikia now!
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May. 12th, 2010

OBJECTION!, Odd - OBJECTION!, oddjection


Still haven't finished the fanmix I've been working on, but...

...I write poetry. Most of it isn't worth putting out on the 'net, but some of it is.

And some of it's fandom-inspired like this was.

by ~fey-janeward on deviantART

(And I just realized the stupid thing won't let y'all see the first few lines to decide whether or not to go over there and comment, but oh well. It's gen, for once!)

Apr. 17th, 2010

Fluttershy Flapping


Episode 3...

...is now up on the Cartoon Network AU website.
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Apr. 14th, 2010

piper sketching/writing, Piper - writing, writing away


(no subject)

Title: Summertime
Characters: Lief and Jasmine
Rating: Suggestive G? It's Lief and Jasmine, all right? It's possible because it's them.
Wordcount: 100 exactly.
Spoilers: None!
Summary: Hot days make clothing impractical.

...and the living's easyCollapse )

Apr. 9th, 2010

to the four winds


(no subject)

Been digging around looking for info about when exactly Deltora Quest will be showing, and it looks like they've moved it to May 1st. ABC will also be showing it at the end of the year.

In the meantime! I do believe the first and second episodes are up for online viewing at the official website. Unfortunately, it has been through the usual kiddie anime dubbing process so the musics been changed and stuffs been cut out. This probably means we won't get Delta Goodrem singing one of the openings later ... Not sure how to feel about that.

If you're with Foxtel, apparently you can download the first episode here.

The first DVD will also be available via Madman in June. However, it seems unlikely it will come with the Japanese language track, soooo I'm wondering why they bothered officially subbing it for SMASH! last year. :\a
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Apr. 3rd, 2010

suspicious allen is suspicious


Chances are, those who really want to might have seen these already, but...

The anime has apparently been out in Italy since the third of March. Someone was kind enough to post the opening and ending they got over there. (I may be showing my age here, but... when 4Kids Entertainment's dub openings had less generic-sounding music than a current production, something is wrong. Not that it isn't catchy generic-sounding music, but ... the music and voice cast were what kept me watching the anime. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the soundtrack!) The editing on both is quite neatly done, I'll give them that!

But what caught my eye was the text over the ending that got posted...

Well, see for yourselves.Collapse )
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